Jai Johnson's Karate Center provides excellent martial arts and overall full-body fitness instruction in a professional and caring manner. You don't need to be athletic, possess extraordinary coordination skills, or be in exceptional physical condition to participate in our classes. We are dedicated to offering a supportive learning environment for children, teens, and adults at all levels of ability.

Jai Johnson's Karate Center proudly serves Moline, East Moline, Rock Island, Bettendorf, Davenport, Quad Cities, Quad City, Milan, Colona, and all QC areas.
Provides the Best Kid's, Children's Karate and Adult Karate Instruction, Self-Defense Instruction, Martial Arts Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Fitness and Boxing!

Kids Karate and Martial Arts Training
Kid's 5-6
Our Little Kicks martial arts program is specifically designed for children ages 5-6 and focuses on early skill-based training. We target their stage of development to keep them motivated and to help them grow in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. 
Karate and Martial Arts Instruction
Kid's 6-12

At JJKC we offer a structured, child friendly environment that both you and your kids will love. Our students learn to defend themselves physically, but more importantly they build the mental and emotional skill sets necessary to conquer life's challenges and become healthy, balanced adults. 

Kid's Karate Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties
You'll absolutely love birthdays at JJKC! Setup, cleanup, and activities are completely taken care of. Your child and guests will have a blast in our indoor bounce house, play structured games, and participate in exciting karate lessons for a one-of-a-kind experience.
Martial Arts Classes Families LOVE
Professional self-defense instructors
Professional Instructors

Our Instructors are passionate about helping your child learn and grow. We work with each student on an individual level – assisting, encouraging and teaching the physical and mental techniques needed to excel past personal limitations and rise above challenges. Our instructors are always available, eager to answer any questions, and will be by your child’s side…every step of the way.

Best prices in the Quad Cities, Moline, East Moline, Bettendorf, Davenport
Affordable Pricing
Children's activities can get extremely expensive. We offer a variety of affordable programs that will meet any budget. We also have family pricing structures that will save you even more!
Learn Martial Arts
Age Appropriate Learning
Our classes are separated by age and ability level, giving our students the personal attention they need to become accomplished martial artists and future responsible, caring adults.
Self-discipline, self-esteem, personal development
Personal Development

Whether you're child is a beginner, or a Black Belt,  our courses will help them on a path of unlimited personal growth and achievement. Our children's program's have been developed to increase focus, attention, self-discipline, self-esteem and physical fitness to help them reach their goals, and beyond.  

Adult Karate and Martial Arts Classes are Fun

Karate training at JJKC can help you realize your personal best. Whether your emphasis is on personal protection, confidence building, or improved health and fitness, our experienced instructors will help you reach your goals. 

Adult Self Defense Classes and Instruction

Learn practical self-defense techniques that will help you build confidence, improve your physical conditioning, and may save your life. Our knowledgeable instructors will teach you realistic methods of defense that can be used by anyone, regardless of strength, size, or previous training.

Kickboxing to get in shape and learn self-defense
Kickboxing at JJKC will help you kick it into high gear, and get in the best shape of your life! Our trained professionals deliver accessible, but challenging, exercises for all fitness levels to develop your fitness and teach you realistic self-defense.  
Martial Arts Classes You'll LOVE

Affordable Pricing

We know that fitness activities can get extremely expensive, so we offer a variety of affordable programs that will meet any budget. We also have family pricing structures that will save you even more!
Self-Defense classes in the Quad Cities
Realistic Self-Defense
Learn real life self-defense and have the skills you need to protect the people you love. 
Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts
Variety of Disciplines 
At JJKC we incorporate the most effective techniques, from a number of different martial arts styles, to provide the opportunity to study all aspects of martial arts and self-defense.
Get in shape, fitnesss classes
Complete Body Conditioning
Students will increase their levels of coordination, agility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility and mental confidence. 
Cardio Kickboxing Group Fitness Classes
Insanity Group Fitness Classes
Fitness Group Sessions and Instruction
Turbo Kick Group Fitness Classes
Piyo Yoga Group Fitness Classes

Take your fitness to the next level! We offer a variety of different nationally recognized classes to keep it fun and exciting. From low-impact to high-endurance, fun to serious, relaxing to heart-pumping, we've got a class for you! At JJKC, we offer accessible, but challenging, exercise classes directed by trained professionals. We work the entire body with functional training that'll tone your muscles and burn fat fast!   

Fast.  Convenient.  Affordable. FUN! 
Certified Instructors 
Our classes are taught by experienced, certified instructors that will motivate and support you through your workout.
Class Variety
There's something for everyone at JJKC! We offer a wide range of fitness classes to keep your fitness fresh and exciting! 

Affordable Pricing

Getting healthy shouldn't break the bank! We offer affordable pay-per-class, or unlimited group class options, that are reasonable and a great value!
Fitness classes with results
Targeted Results
Each of our classes targets what YOU need to get you the results you deserve. Whether it's weight loss, muscle building, increased flexibility, or just stress relief, we've got you covered. 

Do I need to be in shape to enroll in classes? 

No! Our classes are accessible to all fitness levels.

Once you're good at them and getting closer to your goals, you'll be able to increase the intensity and try harder classes. Before you know it, you'll be looking and feeling fantastic.

How Often Should I Attend Class? 

Most members attend classes 1-3 times per week. All classes are unlimited, so the more you attend the better the results!

Will Your Program Help My Child With Confidence and Self-Esteem? 

Yes. Child psychologists tell us the best way to develop positive self-esteem in kids is to have them in activities that work toward goals. The confidence and life lessons they learn in our program will then transfer to academics, other sports, and activities.

When Does The Next Session Start? 

Our classes are ongoing and divided into skill level to create the best learning environment possible. You can begin anytime!

About Us & Mission Statement
Jai Johnson’s Karate Center exists to enhance our community through the positive and personal development skills of our training. Our focus is to provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our student's mental and physical growth. Our goal is to provide inspiration of personal excellence through our example as Black Belts in and out of the Karate school. With over 50 years of combined experience in martial arts and karate, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your experience, or we will give you your money back. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Jai Johnson's Karate Center
3112 Avenue of the Cities
Moline, IL 61265
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